Reasons to Choose EVBS

Reasons to Choose EVBS

Environmental Building Solutions, LLC is dedicated to becoming your preferred construction services provider. Here are top reasons why EVBS should be your first call.


The success of any project can be attributed to the communication between the customer and contractor. EVBS knows this fact and demonstrates it by providing the best communication to our clients. We are always available for questions and bring any subject matter to our client’s attention to ensure that they remain informed.


At the beginning of every project or service, we discuss with you schedules and the scope at hand. Our goal is to complete the project within the time frame and funds agreed. Our team is on the project to ensure that this is done.


Our network of resources is hard to match. Not only do we employ some of the best people, we also have on demand access to a wide variety of subcontractors with pre-negotiated prices. With our pool of resources, we have the capability of completing almost any project, while maintaining cost effective solutions to meet your current needs.

Exceptional Prices

EVBS is committed to being an affordable solution provider for all your construction needs. We accomplish this by keeping overhead low and using alternative resources when needed. With our streamlined construction team and low overhead, we are able to bid projects more economically. Our loyalty and strong relationship with our team of subcontractors ensures that our bids are the most competitive in the marketplace.

Our People

There is not a more important aspect of choosing EVBS for your needs than our team members. Open doors, no glass ceilings, and the opportunity to further one’s best interest is the work environment that the team members of EVBS experience. Creating a sense of ownership and empowerment of each member allows them to showcase their skills, customer service, and talent that exceed the expectations of clients. We are appreciative and thankful for everyone involved with EVBS.

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